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We Offer A Very Lucrative New Form of Crowdfunding Called "Customer Crowdfunding" Which Provides An Easy Way To Raise Funding As You Scale Up.
(It's an alternative to equity or typical revenue share crowdfunding. Instead of giving up stock or top-line revenue, you just share a little sales commission.)

Crowdfunders put money into your site because they want a return on their money...up front you keep up to 50% in cash, and the rest goes toward advertising to acquire customers to pay back your crowdfunders via commission. You receive cash, customers, and can scale up a very large community of thousands of crowdfunders that finacially support you long-term. 


The Way It Works
Our system automatically creates the initial Google Ads campaign (on our master Google Ads account) here at registration; here you select things like your target countries for your ads, and after signup you can perfect the campaign in your Admin Panel. You choose what percentage of promised future sales commission that you wish to share with crowdfunders, much like an affiliate program (min. 10%). The higher the percentage shared, the more attractive your site is to crowdfunders. Your site will be displayed in the Crowdfunder Menu and show crowdfunders your chosen revenue share percentage along with several other pieces of data about your eCommerce site, such as what year it was established and your average product price, allowing crowdfunders to make an informed decision about which sites they wish to add to their portfolio.
Once a crowdfunder crowdfunds into your site, you keep up to 50% in cash (up front), and the rest of the money activates the Google Ads campaign (on our master account) on Google Search to bring your site paying customers. When the crowdfunder's advertising brings in a visitor to your site, and they signup as a customer, you will see them on your own system, but also on your Go Fish admin panel; the customer will be tracked and tied to the crowdfunder, and they will be displayed in the crowdfunder's Go Fish admin panel as well (just their first name and last initial, i.e. John D.), no other information. Once that customer makes a purchase, the revenue share that you chose goes to the crowdfunder via an invoice that we send you via email. 

Note: Customers that you signup yourself (via your own advertising or your own effort) can not, and as such, will not be tracked by us, so they will not show in your Go Fish Admin Panel, and you will not get charged revenue share commission when they make a purchase. Also, we do not make any contact with your customers in any way; all information about them remains your property, we have a complete hands-off policy on that as such; furthermore, your data is protected and guarded.


Why "Customer Crowdfunding" Is Far Better Than...
Equity Crowdfunding: Our way is far better than equity crowdfunding, you don't have to give up stock, and you never have to pay the crowdfunding funds back like a convertible loan, it's yours.

Typical Revenue Share Crowdfunding:

Our way is also better than typical revenue share crowdfunding (which requires owners to engage into a contract to share revenue from the top) because their crowdfunders receive far less benefits than what we offer - that's why we signup hundreds of crowdfunders per week and they struggle to spend hundreds of dollars just to signup one.

Our Crowdfunders:

  • Get Paid Sooner: Sometimes within minutes or hours (Crowdfunding --> Advertising --> Customer --> Purchase --> Revenue Share)
  • Far Less Risky:
    • We provide realtime data points & historical return data on each eCommerce site
    • Crowdfunders can balance their risk out over a whole portfolio of customers (cash producing assets)
  • Get Paid Far More: As much as 100x per year (10x in year 1 reinvested X 10x in year 2 = 100x)
  • Get Paid For A Longer Term: In perpetuity (like an affiliate program)

This is why the system has been so successful, and why (at peak) we have seen a single eCommerce site signup over 230 crowdfunders per week. More crowdfunder singups for you means more money for you, period.

This is also why 95% of equity crowdfunding campaigns fail, and why most people don't even try; equity crowdfunding funded $239 Million in 2020, where Venture Capital funded $148 Billion in 2020 (equity CF is .0016 that of Venture Capital). This is where we come in; think of us as the missing piece to your business model; if you build your site well, we will provide the scale-up money and the advertising, and you won't have to give up stock, and you won't have to commit your top-line revenue to a contract; just enter into an affiliate-like program that shares sales commission to crowdfunders that are like resellers/affiliates (long term financial supporters). Crowdfunding is a $17 Billion industry, and is forecasted to grow "1,700%" to $300 Billion over the next 9 years, to 2030.  


No Worries Signing Up Crowdfunders!
What a breath of fresh air is this? In "all" other crowdfunding systems the main problem is finding crowdfunders. Well, because our form of crowdfunding is setup so that the crowdfunder gets a return much faster than normal (relatively immediately compared to equity crowdfunding), that is just one reason why our crowdfunders are far more happy to jump onto Go Fish Crowdfunding. In light of that, we provide the "amazing" crowdfunder acquisition tool to automatically help you acquire crowdfunders bunch after bunch. And, once they signup, they are required to crowdfund your website first before they can crowdfund any other website on our platform. It works.


Your Own Signup URL
Alternatively, you are given your own signup url, which you can provide to friends & family to crowdfund your site. You can also promote your personal url link on social media or anywhere on the Internet that you wish.

Instead of waiting for crowdfunders to come from our platform, you have the power in your hands to acquire your own crowdfunders any time you wish.


New Features Coming
We are working on new features, such as allowing you to be able to hold "flash deals" to your entire community of crowdfunders, where you offer a high revenue share for a short period of time (such as a day, or a few hours), enticing many of them that may not have crowdfunded in a while to crowdfund more money into your site in that short window of time. Once you signup your crowdfunders, you have a long-term relationship with them for years, and they can crowdfund your site over and over (as long as you provide them an ROI); many crowdfunders have asked for a feature that will allow them to automatically continually reinput their profit, and we are also working on that as well. As mentioned before a 10x return in year 1 times a (reinputted and not withdrawn) 10x return in year 2 = 100x. But if year 1 profit is withdrawn and not reinputted, then year 2 profit is just 10x.


* For WooCommerce sites only.
They can be based anywhere globally.


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